Potassium Iodate

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Potassium Iodate ( CAS No. : 7758-05-6)

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As an oxidising agent, potassium iodate can ignite flames when it comes into contact with reducing or flammable substances.

Potassium iodate’s chemical formula is KIO3. It can be made by reacting iodic acid with potassium bases, such as KOH. The main chemical ingredient used to iodize common edible salts is potassium iodate. It offers a practical method for carrying out iodometric calculations. Thorium can also occasionally be precipitated using potassium iodate, mostly to extract it from rare earth elements.

Potassium Iodate Applications 

Utilised in the iodination of table salt because, in moist conditions, molecular oxygen can oxidise iodide to iodine.
Utilised in the examination of zinc and arsenic tests.

Utilised in the production of medicines for iodometry.
Used as a dough conditioner and maturation agent in food.
Used as feed additives and as reagents.

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