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Iodine ( CAS No. : 7553-56-2)

Emerald General Trading LLC   is a leading supplier of Iodine in the UAE.

Iodine, often known as iodide, is a class of mineral that occurs naturally in soil and seawater on Earth. It’s critical that your diet contain adequate iodine. It controls foetal growth, hormones, and other processes.

Iodine Applications 

Iodine has numerous commercial applications nowadays. Pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, printing inks and dyes, catalysts, additives for animal feed, and photography chemicals are all products that contain iodide salts. Additionally, iodine is used to create polarising filters for LCD screens.

Table salt has iodide added in trace amounts to prevent thyroid gland damage from an iodine shortage. Thyroid cancer may occasionally be treated using the radioactive isotope iodine-131.

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