Industrial Safety Materials
Safety Shoes

Safety shoes provide protection at the top of the foot (metatarsal) against drops and to protect against sharp objects like nails piercing the foot from the bottom, through the soles.


·         Soft tonque leather.

·         Polyester shoe lace.

·         Cambrella lining.

·         Comfort padding to protect a chilles tendon & ankle bone. Foams covered by supple leather.

·         D-Ring eyelet.

·         Eyelet.

·         Counter stiffener.

·         Non-woven breathable lining.

·         Comfort stripe.

·         Soft full grain leather upper.

·         Steel toe cap 200 joules impact meets EN12568 Standards.

·         Steel midsole meets BS EN Standrads(optional).

·         Cushion insoles.

·         Texon insole.

·         Extra light Vulcanised Nitrille Rubber (VNR) will non slip sole pattern.

·         Reinforced Stitching.