Floor Grating


Floor grating represents the most traditional way of using gratings, but also here the choice of grating type or mesh size can produce an exciting surface for pedestrian usage. The mesh size is adapted to the individual project. If the gratings are to be used in a publicly accessible area, we recommend using a mesh size of 9 mm in one of the directions.

  • Floor grating Material:Steel or stainless steel.
  • Floor grating Surface Treatment: Untreated, Painting or Hot Dipped Galvanizing.

Floor grating standards:
A) China: YB/T4001.1-2007
B) U.S.A.: ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88)
C) U.K.: BS4592-1987
D) Australia: AS1657-1985
E) Japan: JJS

Hot Dipped Galvanizing Standards:
A) China: YB/T 13912-2002
B) U.S.A.:ASTM A123

The gratings may be attached using our standard fittings, or blocks may be welded onto the gratings to give an unbroken surface.