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Warning Road Flashlight
warning flashlight

A portable, battery powered warning light which flashes 65 times per minute. The solid state flasher features components which are moisture–proof and reverse polarity protected to ensure extended battery life and trouble–free performance. Available in five fresnel dome colors; amber, blue, clear, green and red. For increased durability, the dome is made of impact–resistant polycarbonate materials, and the base is constructed from a high–density polyethylene. A flexible, rubber seal covers the on/off switch to protect it from the elements. A steel carrying handle on the top of the unit makes this warning light completely portable. Power is supplied by two standard 6–volt DC, spring terminal lantern batteries (not included). Ideal for job sites requiring temporary warning lights or for any location where primary power is unavailable.


·         12VDC — uses two standard 6VDC lantern batteries


·         Five dome colors


·         300–hour, 5 watt incandescent lamp


·         Type 3R enclosure